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    Sports Resort Glitching on Table Tennis/Bowling

    I've had the wii console with Sports Resort for about 3 months and my son and I have been gaming it up pretty hard. I'm getting frustrated though with a couple apparent glitches in the game. First, for table tennis, once you get up to around level 1500, it gets pretty intense. You can actually get a pretty good workout playing it. The problem though is that at any point in the match, the game will lose sense of the controller calibration and "flip" the paddle on you. It is as if it has forgotten if you are left or right handed! It is not a perfect 1:1 reversal, so even if I wanted to get creative and switch hands mid-match, it will not react properly. It appears that there are 2 versions of this glitch: the full flip as mentioned, and sort of a 90 degree twist, where you can continue the game if you are willing to turn sideways looking over your left shoulder as you play.

    What's odd about this is that recalibrating the controller will not work. The only way to restore order is to quit and restart the game, which makes me think the controller is not at fault and this is more of a shortcoming in the software. There's a certain satisfaction to mastering a game, and with the higher level opponents returning virtually every shot you send them, I'm typically unable to get through the match without it glitching out. Frustrating, and it sours my overall opinion on the technology.

    The other glitch that I'm not as sure about is in bowling. My technique involves moving over to the first arrow left of center, aiming at the first arrow right of center, and throwing a "handshake" toss that curves into the pocket. I am impressed with how the system is sensitive enough to register any small variations in your throw which makes it very difficult to roll a perfect game. The problem though is that at some point while playing, it acts as if the lane conditions have changed, and it becomes less responsive to the curve. The ball releases more "dead" and doesn't break back as much into the pocket. Now, there is a possibility that this is just player fatigue on my part, but it does seem as if the "sweet spot" vanishes. I've tried replacing batteries and reloading the game, but I haven't reached a conclusion on why this is happening. I'm wondering if this might be a problem with the wii-mote plus technology and that I am possibly wearing the remote out from overuse, though this is just speculation.

    Anyways, thanks for reading through. Please share your experiences with wii-mote plus or the resort games where calibrating the controller doesn't solve your problem. The table tennis one I'm more sure of, and the bowling one may just be in my head!


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    wii sports resort was the first motion plus game so you can expect some problems. i have the same problem with table tennis and there is nothing you can do about it. i found bowling to be very responsive and i have no problems with that minigame.

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