meh I have that problem. My bedroom has about 1.6 m space parallel to the tv screen and 3metres to the back wall. Not enough room for multiplayer.

I'm getting the Wii on wed nite/thurs morning and already have gotten into an arguement with my parents about buying it and setting it up at home. Apparently they think its just an old console with motion sensor as a gimmick, given that they've seen me play N64 and GC.

I explained it to my mum how it works and she did have a fleeting smile on her face showing she was kind of interested in how it works.

I have enough space in my bedroom and can wheel the tv out to a bigger room if multiplayer is required.

Does anyone have that problem of conventional thought with their parents. How about someone who's parents didn't want the Wii at all and gave in when they tried it out???