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    PAL Wii in India

    Hi all..
    This is Prabhjot here from Bangalore. I recently got a Wii Nintendo 4.2 from Dubai. Its a PAL version. And i really have been facing a lot of trouble trying to find out PAL games in India. That is pretty surprising, since I expected only PAL to run in India. I want help in following areas

    1. I am looking for 2 games - Fifa 2011 and NFS - Most Wanted in PAL in India. Somebody let me know, where can I find these 2 games.

    2. I did manage to get Fifa 2011 in PAL from UK (HMV in Woking). But when I started the game, Wii gave me an "An error has occured. Eject the disk and turn off the wii console"(Not these words but something similar). Disk is absolutely new and there is no damage on it. I don't know how to check if there is a problem with Wii or the CD. I would like to check the CD on another PAL wii. Let me know if somebody in Bangalore has a PAL wii, i would want to run this CD once on a different PAL Wii. Though I have 3 other Wii games, which work just fine.

    3. After being frustrated enough by not finding good PAL games for Wii, I have decided to get the Wii unlocked. I am getting it done by a vendor in Chennai. I don't have an international warranty so I am not worried about that part. Let me know how safe is it and will I really be able to run all NTSC and PAL games on my Wii.

    Its almost been 2 months since I got this and its pretty frustrating to realize that I cannot play my favourite games on it. Please reply to me and let me know about anything about the above mentioned queries and any more suggestions.

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