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    Buying a Wii?!?!

    Hello, gents and ladies. I'm thinking about purchasing a Wii. Kinda embarrased though, cuz Nintendo is coming with a new console next year and I want to keep up. I like Nintendo. My first console was the NES and it was pretty fun. After that it was Sega, then PS1, then PS2 and then PS3. I love my PS3, but there are some games I would like to try out on the Wii. I have some questions for some of you before I decide to buy a Wii:

    1) Do I have to use the wand and nunchuk for all the games? Or can I use that classic controller (whatever you call it) to play?

    2) Free online? Just like the PS3 with PSN cards, does the Wii have something similar?

    3) If I do decide to buy it, what are some games do you recommend?

    Thank you! Also, if this is the wrong place to post my thread, I apologize and if a MOD can move it to the proper location. Thanks very much!

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    1) It tells you on the back of each game what it uses
    No not for all

    2) Its free, unless you start to want to buy things on it (like retro games and Wiiware games), but its also a bit rubbish. (Friend codes need to be swapped with people for all online games)

    3) Look at this link
    Spoiler Alert!
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