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Thread: E3 my summary

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    E3 my summary

    Well for those of you that know I tend to channel a side of me that likes to complain about things he moans. He is the moaning sod. Last year I did a E3 moanathon
    This year theres no change.
    Heres my Nintnedo one. Fresh off the press
    This was typed as i was watching it so expect a lot of thought's mid stream

    The final round. Nintendo time, last year they where the bes and im thinking this year will be the same as the others are a bit “Urgh”

    WOW! What a start. A ****IN ORCASTRA PLAYING ZELDA SONGS! Its like a live gig with sound effects and a few cock ups. Its annoying to my ears to have two people speaking at once.
    Zelda Links awakening, Hmm a download of something. How about something new?
    Zelda OoT 3D, hard to get excited about it. As im sick of it
    Zwlda four swords, On Dsi? FOR FREE! BLOODY GREAT! Didn’t mention that its online thought.
    Zelda Skyward sword, A gold coloured Wiimote? Not interested. Show us some new footage
    Zelda Symphony concert, You can expect to buy your tickets on Ebay in a few months for a bloody high price.
    Zelda CDs, .
    Great start. Fizzling out into taking about “Stuff” and the new platform. Nothing else about it yet.
    Ok spoke to soon
    Mario Kart 3D, What’s to say? Its Mario Kart. Not to sure how these flying/underwater bits will fair up, still car moding might be fun.
    Star Fox 3D, Hmmm turning and tilting the system might be problematic, as gamers we have spent years not moving our arms around while playing. Still its a optional control method
    Super Mario 3D, WOW a fixed camera. Looks good I guess, but I don’t really like Marios platformers, but this one kinda reminds me of Bug for some reason.
    Kid Icarus uprising. Should have been a launch game if you ask me. Still it looks a bit Space Harriery. Could be good. Dunno lol. The multi player side of things seems interesting.
    Luigis Mansion 2, HA! They finally made a sequel. Never really played the first one.
    The next lot was like those data blasts so didn’t see much of them so here’s a short summary.
    Resident evil missionary, looks decent
    Mario and Sonic, Urgh not again, more button bashing.
    Tetirs, Well it wouldn’t be a console without it
    Cave story 3D, not played the 2D one yet
    Resident evil Revelations, Just bring them out damn it
    Driver Renegade, Urgh looked like a late N64 game
    Namco shit, Pacman etc etc, boring. Stuff that has been done before.
    Tekken 3D, im not a fan
    MGS Snake eater, same stuff shown as last year
    Virtual Console 3DS, Gameboy and Gameboy colour and there updating the old classics in 3D
    Pokemon, well Pokedex 3D. Not a proper Pokemon game thouht is it?
    Wii U, Wait? Thats the name of the new one? The controller? WHAT THE FARGING SHNIT IS THAT? Its like a hand held. Oh wait. Its just a controller. Im expecting a troll face any second. What about battery life on it? That’s the most important thing. Looks like the bottom half of a 3DS (with a extra stick), im looking for that vid hey showed of a parrot making the Mario noise. Cant bloody find it.
    So it is a new console? The games for it one sounds like Pac-man vs
    So there you have it. A new controller. We want console, they give us a controller.
    Lego City story’s. Hur hur GTA Lego. Wait thats a good thing, maybe, dunno lol.
    Wow there also getting a few mutli platform games on it. Urgh
    Darksiders 2, Port
    Dirt, another port
    Aliens marines, Port
    Ghost reckon, port AGAIN!
    Metro something. Dunno lol not herd of it
    Tekken, hur hur customisation
    Nina Gaiden 3, what lol?
    A EA bloke, Talking about THE Same STUFF AS YESTERDAY!!
    This years E3 was the remake year for Nintendo, the new Kirby game wasn’t shown. Still some more 3DS games are needed, but at the end of the day, they are taking there time with them.

    Wii U HUR HUR
    Read the others via the Moaning sod page via www.new-tabs.com
    Spoiler Alert!
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    Making games is so expensive these days that to help turn a profit they almost always have to port games to all consoles (for third parties at least). Especially for a new system, it's quick and easy to port something you already have.

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