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    Oh yeh my 45gigs of pr0n! I can hide it on the PS3, w00tn3ss!
    "Never critisize someone unless you've walked a mile in their shoes, that way, your a mile away and have their shoes."
    My whole family was testing out some Wii Sports at thanksgiving and my grandma says, "Those Japanese people, they sure use their brain powers."...... and I say nothing, and my six year old cousin looks over at her and says, "pandas are like people, they understand everything."
    -I forget.

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    Quote Originally Posted by White Knight
    The GC and Wii "spinning backwards" was a false urban legend. You do not need a sourse or a link to believe me. Just test it yourself on the GC. Open the cover while it's spinning, and you'll see it spins normally.
    Is this true? I've not owned a gamecube so can't test this myself...
    I was told that the nintendo discs play backwards? Could it be that the laser is reading backwards? from outside to inside.?

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    i think dvd players are so cheap now that i would not worry about it. you should check out gamefly since you are new to games. you rent them through the mail. they have ds and wii games

    Welcome to GameFly! Invite your friends! - 17

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