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    Nintendo Wii - Gamecube Card Problem

    Hey all, im aware that you need a gamecube memory card to save gamecube games.

    I have started to play a gamecube game on my nintendo wii. Resident evil zero.

    However, i am annoyed as today when i tried to load the game, it said, "Loading failed, memory card data may be corrupted".

    I haven't used the memory card before, but the game saved fine, whenever i go to load the card, this happens, so making any progress in the game is virtually impossible.

    Is the solution just to get another memory card? Bit of a pain having to buy another seeing as i haven't used that card before, but i don't mind doing so as long as i can prevent this happening again as i only really wanted to play just the one game for now.

    I heard 3rd party brands which aren't official gamecube memory cards may have this problem, is this true?

    If there's anything i can do to fix the memory card that's great, but if not i guess i'll start looking for another.

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    When a Gamecube memory card's data becomes corrupt, there's no salvaging it, sorry to say friend. You'll need to buy a new one and start all over on every game. =(

    Official Nintendo GC memory cards can very rarely have the corrupt data glitch, but some third party memory cards have a MUCH higher chance of this happening. I'd recommend sticking to the official ones.
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