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    Me getting a wii opening day was super easy. I was going to go to circuit city with my dad because i am only 13 but they already had 19 people there at 7 in the morning and they were only getting 19 wiis. So i went to toys r us kind of as a joke and we saw 8 people or so and we were about to leave but then my dad was like what the heck lets just ask. The people said they were going to get like 30 to 35 wiis so it was worth a shot. I only had to stay there about 1 hour and 45 minutes in the wisconsin cold. My dad was a baby and waited in the car for a while. But then i got it and went to make fun of the people at circuit city because we got it an hour earlier. MUAHHAHAHHAHAHA. Good luck on getting a wii!!!!!

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