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    GamePro Magazine closing down

    Just say No to GamePro, no more GP Mag's

    Launched back in 1989, GamePro magazine has been around for over two decades and tragically they will be closing, not only their magazine publishing sector, but also their website. It's a tragedy to see the site go down as well as the magazine.

    They began publishing quarterly after budget cuts from parent company IDG. IDG also made the decision when it came to closing the publication and laying off their staff. One of GamePro's editors, Jaz Rignall, said via Twitter, that despite doubling their page views, GamePro has been shut down.

    Right now the site actually redirects to the PCWorld site and GamePro media will now be focusing on contract publishing. The sad thing is, GamePro were one of the first video game sites to come online. Back in 1996, if you wanted news, tricks and tips, you'd still be buying the magazine, but then you'd go online for all the cool stuff if you had an internet connection.

    Now all the cool stuff is online and GamePro gets swatted up with all the old media types too. We pay our respects today.
    Via GamesIndustry.Biz

    I already registered and i copied the GP artical...R.I.P GamePro
    GamePro closes after 22 years

    GamePro, the US video game magazine and its accompanying website, is to close after more than 20 years on the market.
    The title was first launched in 1989, moved online in 1996 and most recently moved the print version to a quarterly format. But due to the weak advertising market, parent company IDG has decided to close the publication and lay off staff.
    "Despite doubling our uniques and page views year on year, GamePro has been shut down," said editor Jaz Rignall via Twitter.
    The website will redirect to PCWorld.com as of December 5 and the GamePro Media division will focus on contract publishing.
    "The US editorial and business staff worked hard to earn a passionate, loyal following for GamePro and I am grateful for their dedication and hard work over the years," commented Mike Kisseberth, IDG's head of consumer and small business group.
    "GamePro, like all businesses, must keep up with industry changes and economic realities. Look for GamePro Custom Solutions to be blazing new trails in online branding for the game industry, providing gamers with deeper, richer interactions with the companies."

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    I had a couple of old ones back in the day. I should check some crappy used books stores to see if their around.

    Internet killed the game magazine format. They only sell for posters and demo discs today.
    (plz no messages for online play) "Life is a tale told by an Idiot" -Shakespeare

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    Oh look, shit magazines like Game Informer thrives by supplying the Sony and Microsoft fanboys with the bullshit they want to hear, while GP is getting shut down after so many years of good content... Fantastic. =/

    Quote Originally Posted by skidmarx View Post
    Internet killed the game magazine format.
    The internet kills everything.
    The Vermilion City Guru

    Spoiler Alert!

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    Rip gp
    "NY State of Mind"

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