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    is there a big difference between older wii's and a new wii?

    I'm looking on different websites right now, trying to find a good price. I see on GameStop, they have used wii's for $80, and the cheapest new wii I've found was a wii + super mario bundle for $150. I'm not gonna lie... the only reason I'm buying a wii is for Zelda. And I'll throw random exclusives on my gamefly queue to play once in a while. My main console will always be my 360. Now my question is... is there a huge difference between what's considered a used wii and a new wii. I know the new wii's don't have backwards compatibility anymore, but that's all I really know. If I just plan on buying the two zelda games, can I/should I just go with the used one?

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    Aside from the lack of backwards compatibility, nah, there's no huge difference between new and old Wii except that some old Wii's may have problems reading double layered discs; last I checked, Skyward Sword is a double layered disc (I need someone to double check me on that, though...). A used Wii for playing two games is definitely the way to go, but make sure you can get some sort of warranty or guarantee in the case of eBay, Gamestop, etc.
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