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    Get Your WiiSports DVD Case Insert Here!

    I'm the sort who will lose the tiny CD-sized WiiSports disc case (and disc) because I can't store it in the same place as all my other Wii games, which are in full-sized DVD cases. So I grabbed my scanner and image editing software and came up with the attached file.

    Just print it on your color printer (glossy paper looks best), trim it along the crop lines at the corners, and slide it behind the clear plastic of any standard DVD case. I even had a white one sitting around, so now all my Wii games look snazzy on my shelf together.

    Share this file with anyone who wants it. Post this file on other Wii forums, or wherever you think people can use it. Give me credit. Or don't. Whatever. I just want people have access to it.


    Get Your WiiSports DVD Case Insert Here!-wii-sports-slipcase.jpg

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    really good idea, thanx very much, i have a scanner myself ill use urs if my quality isnt good enough

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    That's pretty cool! When I get a Wii (sigh), I'll use that case. Until then, come Christmas!!
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