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    Quote Originally Posted by nork
    the updates install automatically once you connect the wii online. although, there really hasn't been many due to the system being so new.

    the first was when i first connected. this first update included something for the wii shop channel (i assume to make it connect and work properly). see, i wasn't really paying attention because it took a while. the second update was something concerning the parental controls. i believe this just updated the dialogue so it would state the parental controls do not include/operate on the gamecube games. why the wii's parental locks do not carry over to the gamecube games is beyond me. you'd figure that the parental lock would be usuable on all games played on the wii. but that depends on the user, and seeing as i am the primary user, it doesn't matter much to me. although for you being a parent, watch out. if you use parental locks on games you may want to double check on the game being played. kids can be dubious.

    routers are tricky, and a source for many issues connecting the wii. but there are sites with info on how to get around the error codes, and make your wii connect online wirelessly. i prefer the nintendo wi-fi usb connector (about $30) myself because i had no problem connecting my wii online using that device. i did, however, run into problems with my router and gave up. basically, i figured i had the usb connector and may as well use it for something.

    the updates will not result in the wii crashing or malfunctioning. at least that's what i believe. the issues with the wii seem to be internal and occur very remotely. but if something is wrong with your console you can have nintendo either fix the system and restore yours to working or order, or have them replace it with a new machine for free. but be warned as replacing the machine means you lose all wii points, downloads, game saves, etc. (note: you can back up your game saves only on a sd card if need be.)

    other than all of that your kids will be happy. the system works great and is easy to figure out. just make sure to read the instruction manual (something most people do not do), and ask questions if you need. there is always someone out there waiting to help around this site.

    sit back and enjoy. your wii is waiting.
    Actually that's a false statement, as when you're in standby mode, it's just to notify if you've received messages. Also, the updating purposes is pretty much updating the firmwire, making sure hackers don't mess up anybody's chances upon being online and so forth. Some of the updates are quite unnoticable, while many of the other updates in the future are supposedly going to be extra attire for Mii's (your virtual console self). And since you do got this as a Christmas present for your children, did you happen to buy an extra controller? If so, you will have to synch that Wiimote with the system.

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    The updates are indeed for the online aspects of the Wii. If you have a home wireless network, then you will probably want to perform the updates NOW, rather than wait for Christmas morning. First, because there will be a huge amount of traffic to the Nintendo site as 100,000's of Wiis connect for the first time and attempt to download the update. Another reason for doing the updates now is to get it out of the way so that you can spend Christmas day playing games and making Miis. (I'm sure the kids will have friends who also have or will get a Wii on Christmas and they'll want to exchange Miis with each other). And lastly, if you wait until Christmas to perform the updates and by rare chance the update fails and bricks the Wii, it will be out of commission on Christmas day.

    Doing the updates now gives you time to get a replacement from Nintendo IF (a very slight possibility) it bricks.

    Considering the number of consoles sold, reports of problems is extremely low.

    If you don't plan on going online EVER, then don't worry about the updates.

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