I suppose with the new Wii U coming out, that the "plain old regular Wii" is in less demand in retail stores nowadays...

So much so, in fact, that I just saw a Bridgestone tire commercial on the Golf Channel advertising a free Nintendo Wii with the purchase of four brand new tires! Wow! I didn't know the Wii had been relegated to a "free gift with purchase item" at this point. I mean, I guess if you need 4 new tires on your car, and your current Wii hasn't been working properly, it might be a good opportunity for you? Right? Most Wii owners/players are old enough to drive...I think...aren't they???

FYI - the promotion ends in 3 days, so you better hurry up if you want a free Wii with your new "treads!"


Has anyone else seen anything like this, where they are giving away a brand new video game system for a retail purchase?

I'd like to buy a brand new couch, and receive a free Wii U with purchase! lol