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    Some trouble with using Wii on my PC

    Good day everyone.
    Recently I purchased PC monitor Eizo Foris 2333, this converter http://www.i-tec.cz/index.php?t=3&v=186 and finally this cable http://www.evolve-europe.com/cz/d-hd...d-2-metry.html .

    I had some trouble getting visual, but I solved that by connecting Wii to normal TV first, setting it to 480i and then connecting it to the monitor.

    But now to the question. In this setup is 480i or 480p better? Also, I get weird popping noise every now and then, any idea how to solve that?

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    Well, in my (albeit limited) experience, I've found 480p to be better, if that's all the monitor can do. Yikes about the popping noise . . . I have no idea what that is. I've used a different monitor for a similar setup: the ASUS VS229H-P. So I can't speak for that specific monitor. Good luck to you, and happy gaming.
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