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    My Story

    I left ordering a little late, so i thought to my self. i will go to Woolworth's on the day and que up early and get one. as with the 360 my local Woolworth's wern't taking pre-orders so it looked like a safe bet.

    so as i have to walk past most days on my way home from work, last friday i noticed a new sign, talking about the launch date of the 8th, so the next day i pop in and to my horror they have a sign up telling about pre-orders, looks like i missed out on something. so i rush up to the desk, pay my 1 and get given pre-order No. 45 i think theres no chance.

    so come today - i have a day off work, and i go down to the store that normally opens at 8:30 (ok, so i forgot this new rule, and turn up at 8:45) to give me a chance to go to other stores in search on a spare Wii if needs be.

    so i walk up to the desk, as i do so Mr. No 48 hands his ticket over and i hear, sorry your number 48, we havent had enough stock to fill your pre-order.
    ok now im worried have i got one or not? i mean i am only number 45. So i handed my pre-order ticket over to them, and lucky i was just in luck as they only had 47 come in. i left shortly after with a nice new Wii and i also got Zelda

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    congratulations guys, now lets all be wii friends! add me!

    turbo'd wabbit

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