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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathmetalmaster
    dude. Seriously, Target or walmart..... I am telling you. best places to go.
    I would if they had them. I got lucky and found an extra wiimote at Target but no nunchucks. Might check them again otherwise resort to ordering online since they're showing as in stock at circuitcity.com and they have been all day.

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    There is a reason why it's called MSRP. Manufacturer's SUGGESTED retail price. People can charge what they want. Prices go up because of supply and demand. The reason why stores sell at MSRP because of competition form other stores.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ocdesi
    I was at the mall where there's a small retail video game store called Game Quest. Decided to walk in since I'm looking for a nunchuck and sure enough they have them along with wiimotes BUT they were selling the mote for 49.99 and the nunchuck for 29.99.

    Can retail stores pull this kinda thing? I'm thinking of filing a complaint with the BBB but I'm not sure if my complaint has warrant. Any one know?
    If it's a local shop they kinda survive on that. If anyone in nyc knows about saint marks video games... I asked the guy who worked there about the ps3s they told me if they buy 1 ps3 they would have to buy at least 600 dollars worth of games.
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