@ 1st post

I have the same problem. Configured Wireless, ran the update and it jammed, twice...
Third time, the update finally worked, but I got the burn-in thing, whatever it means.
All three times, it took me 20 tries to get the WiiMote working again. Finally everything worked, played some sports and tried to create another Mii, which it couldn't save for some reason. I thought, forget it, I'll just use another Mii and then it asked me if I wanted to format the system. I never read in any book or on any forum that I should've chosen "YES", because the screen went black and when I tried to reset the thing, I got the following message:

“The system files are corrupted. Please refer to the Wii Operations Manual for help troubleshooting.”

The manual referred me to the internet (why not immedeately send me to the internet?) and I have sent an e-mail to Technical Service just under an hour ago.
I really don't want to send my Wii back, I just want to play Zelda which I bought today...