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    Quote Originally Posted by Dotcomsimon
    Just got mine an hour ago from Gamestation Birmingham they have 110 people on preorder list i was number 30 they had 21 yesterday for launch and they had 29 come in this morning. I had the wii with sports and I added play(+ free controller) zelda and ray-man cost me 270 but minus my 20 deposit and I traded in about 5 ps2 games so I only paid 220.

    They do have loads of games and acessories in stock certainly no shortage there including nun-chuks, classic controllers and wii points cards.

    if u got urs an hour ago y arnt u playing on it?

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    I'd say Game
    Pre-Ordered mine in like Oct
    Got to the day
    Went in. 4 Members of staff
    The guy came to me I told him want I wanted (I was still in line)
    He got it, Come with me
    I walked past about 5 People with a smile
    And left within 2 Minutes of getting into the store xD On launch day aswell

    No Longer Have A Wii

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