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Thread: Wii Emulated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MetroidZ
    yup. the only emulators that run good are dreamcast and ps2.
    N64 emulators are incredibly successful and there's no problem finding the roms

    and here is another explanaton to why emulators run so slow
    Quote Originally Posted by Doomulation View Post
    The gamecube is an entire different architecture. It doesn't work like the PC at all. The processor isn't an x86 processor - it's a PowerPC processor. Games are built for the architecture of the gamecube, and therefore won't work on a PC.
    To combat this, an in order to play the games correctly, an emulator needs to make the game see the target architecture, the gamecube, and not a PC. If you look at it - everything is different. The processor does not work the way our computer's processors work. Same for the gfx card, and so on.
    The emulator needs to convert and process everything so that the game can run as it expects.
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