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    Quote Originally Posted by Jean-Coutu
    In the PS3 board, I saw someone who has the Nintendo Wii, the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 plus a Xbox, a Gamecube, a high definition television of 42 eachs, 6 Wii games and 34 xbox 360 ORIGINAL GAMES WITH THE BOX!!!
    Those are gamers with no lives, I doubt that guy even had sex.

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    i have a 20inch TV in a small room, i possibly stand 1.5 metres away from the TV and sit about 2 metres. Does the job fine. I dont need fancy graphic, big T.V' and surrond sound to be happy. but each to their own.

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    I checked out circuit city recently or wateva and in the 400 dollar range it was tough.

    The thing is, for best wii playtime you have to look for a tv with 480p. That has at least one set of component input. Then you have to buy the component cables for the wii from the nintendo store or anywhere else you can find it. Get what is called an hdtv or EDTV. Usually a flat panel are the ones with good defenition. Do not get CRT, its becoming old school.

    Important notes:
    480p - p=progressive scan
    490i - i = interlaced - NO GOOD for new tv!
    Component CAbles from nintendo store for nintendo Wii.

    Good luck! Lucky guy , works hard for the dough. Sorry for your wallet.
    Wii is worth it though.
    Have fun!

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