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    VERY IMPORTANT Bad news for Wii...

    No, it isnt that Wii isnt popular, because it is. Hugely popular, in fact. But Nintendo officially screwed themselves over with the controller design.
    Said in an article on IGN, stated as of December 8th, 2006, Nintendo got their butts sued, for nothing less than Patent infringement. Yes, this is bad. Seeing as i am too lazy to actually write this crap down myself, i shall quote it.
    Nintendo is already the target of litigious action concerning its newly released Wii console. California-based Interlink electronics has filed a complaint against Nintendo for what it has deemed to be a case of copyright infringement over the pointing functionalities of the Wiimote.

    The claim refers to a patent filed in February, 2005 which refers to a device titled "Trigger Operated Electronic Device." The patent describes the advice as a "trigger operated device in the nature of a pointing device for use with an electronic system such as a computer." The patent continues to describe a device which, on the surface, sounds an awful like the Wii's controller.

    The complaint demands that Nintendo be enjoined and restrained from further infringing on the patent, presumably by taking the Wii off the market.
    Oh shit is right. This could mean baaaaad news for Nintendo unless they find something good to do, e.g. some sorta loophole. Pray for the best, or this could mean the end of the Revolution.

    article via http://wii.ign.com/articles/750/750001p1.html
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    For somebody with 57 posts, you sure don't know what actual NEWS is.

    There's already at least 6 topics about this, and nobody cares -- the patent is bullshit.
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    You Are The 2,000.000th person to post this news

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