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    I feel sorry for you XwiimaturX. Paper mario: The Thousand Year Door is a tricky and long game. Then you have to go through all the chapters (all 8 of them) again and do all the troubles at the trouble center again (which takes a loooooong time) so it is a LONG game if you try to beat everything. And don't even get me started on how hard The Pit of 100 Trials is. Like the cave of ordeals in Twilight Princess, except twice as long and twice as hard. took me about 2 hours to get halfway there. I didn't go any farther because I only needed that one item. It would've taken me another 3 hours to get to the bottom (plus Bonetail, the hardest boss/enemy in the game with 200hp 8atk and 2def) and it would take at least 15 minutes to beat Bonetail on the 100th level, so that is the most time consuming part in any game that I've played.

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    i didnt even bother wi that wen i beat it i jus

    lvl up
    get all items
    kick ass all over again
    ~if i owned a death note.you would be first!
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    Spoiler Alert!

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    Played Gears of War with my friend and his brand new xBox 360, spent 4+ hours per night for 3 nights playing and came close to the end, then the 4 day old xBox 360 died with the red lights flashing in the front. Lost all of our saved information, and had to return the xBox 360 to Best Buy in exchange for a new one. Then the new one broke after a month and half! I feel bad for my friend but I am somewhat happy that my PS3 and Wii are not running into these problems. (Knock on wood)
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    me and my son played 'gears of war' and worked through every difficulty. but for some reason, he never got the achievement for the 4th level, even though he did complete it.
    also, i played rainbow six vegas, and love it, but after trying about 800 times, i still cant complete the theatre level. if you've ever played it, you'll know which bit i mean

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