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Oh yeah, I see what you mean. But I think it was Friday 21st November, 9am, my friend ordered one, got it on launch day, they sold out in 7mins.

Then there was last week (8 days ago, friday), they got some between 3pm and 4pm, see here.

And then there was yesterday, so that makes 3 fridays. So what do you reckon for this Friday?

Edit: I would use ebay, its just that sometimes I dont trust ebay at time like this, and they are very expensive there, like £270+.
Ah right, I see what you mean... I personally bought mine off ebay, I was let down with my pre orders and I saw an auction that I had a good chance of winning... and I did

The important thing to do is set a figure in your head as to what you think is fair price and DO NOT go above it, if you do you will feel really bad and probably end up regretting it.

Amazon may be a good bet for next friday too, they seem to be getting a steady trickle of consoles coming through and you have just as much chance of getting one as the next guy.

Good Luck!