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    You're right. Its unfair to compare Live to WFC as implemented on the DS, is a handheld.
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    again I've been privy to tis argument many times , with many platforms anyone remember the war nintendo had with sega?, again it all boils down to choice and software, always for me nintendo has always had the game-play, and is more geared to fun. The environments favour fantasy as oposed to realism, i always felt that skill in game development was nintendos heritage, sony and Microsoft are newcomers still and i think this shows in there titles, The original playstation was the planned add on for the super nintendo, but sony realised it could shoe-horn into the games market with it, Microsoft really have never made good games unless you count some of there flight sims, and i always equate x-box to pc gaming. So for me the is only one true games platform! and the future looks very interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buddhas_belly
    it seems that certain companies believe that making the games look prettier is innovation alone and that this type of innovation will keep gamers coming back....nintendos innovation,which shows the importance of the experience to the gamer,will change the way we PLAY games.i cant wait for the wii. im tired of the same old rehashed games......
    And that is waht I hate about Sony and Microsoft. I know people that refuse to even touch a Nintendo system of any kind because their graphics suck (and I mean that literally, they back away when I get nearby with my DS). Hopefully the Wii will feature good graphics to get those kind of people in and get them into the Nintendo way of making the games fun to play, and not just look at, it may even make the other systems become more popular

    As for Nintendo WFC, it definitely would have been better. I am all for the protective jazz, but there needs to be some assemblance of order in the games. For example: the frend code should be based on the DS hardware alone, and not as a combo of the game card and the system (what I mean is, there needs to be one friend code for all the games), also in MarioKart, whenever two friends are online, they will be paired up if possible (even if they are not searching for games with friends), but in MP: Hunters, you can see a list of your friends who are online and there is text and voice chat (the downside being that you can't do any of this while you search for a public game, which means that nobody ever logs into friends and rivals because nobody is ever there to play with since they are all in public games). They need to combine the two.
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