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    Apple iTV + Nintendo Wii ?

    Looking at Nintendo Wii capabilities, where you can play games, connect to the net, wiishop, wii message, they need one next thing to work in that box... Apple's iTV integration.
    If you can download video into Wii, add enough storage capacity, it'd be the ultimate set-top-box for all... It's small enough, wireless remote, Opera-browser, and easy to use that doesn't require a geek to operate.
    With WiiConnect allowing you to download off-hours, and use of WiiPoints to purchase items, imagine to just pick several movies, pay using WiiPoints, and then let it download and watch it later.

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    I doubt it's gonna happen, I mean if they wanted true multimedia capabilities they would have put in CD audio, and DVD video support from the start. I mean it would have been easy enough its pretty standard technology these days.

    But it seems like Nintendo can't make up their minds. On one hand it seems like they just want to focus on game play. Then on the other they support a photos etc, so who knows.
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    They are probably to make a bundle system next christmas called Wiivenge and put a blue ray, dvd, cd, mp3 playback and hi def and smack sony in the face. and it would cost more than ps3 was this year and people will buy it still

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