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    Quote Originally Posted by Ozweego
    Ok, so I read all the posts and responses those far, and some have a great point while others just veer off into Wii Supremacy mumble jumble.

    Sure, I agree graphics canít be everything, but they have to account for something. Every year, there are more and more advancements in Graphic accelerators and processing speeds. Nintendo just decided to avoid these advances. The price increase would have been marginal, maybe another $50 to do these upgrades.
    And I am not saying you need to splatter blood and guts on the floor to impress, but when you play games around that genre, why the hell not, thatís why you play in the first place.
    Also, like I mentioned before, the Wii does appear to be only a Gamecube with a Wireless remote and motion capture abilities, oh yeah, and a 512mb memory, which costs about $14.
    I started this thread understanding that most people out there will respond without thinking, defending their Wii to the grave, cursing me for typing such blasphemy. But I just want to state the obvious. Nintendo reps may look in occasionally to see what they can do to improve, and believe me there is room for it.
    Also, while I am in the mood. What the hell was Nintendo thinking not enabling Multiplayer for this thing? We live in a World where someone half way around the world can be connected to us in a millisecond. This was a huge mistake on Nintendo's part, online gaming and competing is the number 1 reason why most players play. They better correct this, or there will be allot of Nex-Gen gamers out there hurling their Wii's into the Ocean in order to bring them closer to playing overseas.

    There you go another response. Donít take it personally, just respond rationally.
    1. Nintendo isn't as large as it's competitors they can barely do any of their own hardware research, and development. Wich means that the price is probably much higher compared with performance. Not to mention that they can't afford to lose nearly as much as MS or Sony.

    BTW: You want to talk console value.
    360 graphics>PS3 graphics
    360 price>>>>>>>>>>>>PS3 price

    2. What was nintendo thinking not enabling multiplayer?

    You win the awards *clap*. Do you know what would happen if they enabled it at launch? Lag! Massive lag! Worse than playing Dark Messiah: Might and Magic muliplayer on high settings with a dial-up connection. Why?

    Because it isn't finished yet (or they don't have enough server capacity for the ammount of users that own the console), and Pokemon is the only Wii game that is currently supports online play.
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