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    8/10- Great game, as big as they say, not at all good for beginners to the series (eg. me). But for seasoned zelda players a real blast to play, plenty to do, great characters, good music, the wii controls for this actually IMPROVE the game, and make it more involving. I dont get TOO sucked into it tho, I completed the first temple, and havent touched again in a week.

    I'm a new zelda fan, and i do not play any stragedy/thinking games, normally shooting/sports but im interested in learning.. im only 14.. but a friend of mine has it what should i do?

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    NFS: 9/10 could have had a touch up on graphix, but no worry graphix dont matter.

    Zelda: 10/10 ever since wind waker all zelda games had bin new and improved with all new stories, timeline cuts, cutsceans, this is an AMAZING GAME! GREAT GRAPHIX, STORY, GAMEPLAY, TOP TOP TOP TOP!

    Wiisports 7/10 needed some touch up over all

    Red steel: 11/10 words can not even start to discribe.

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