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    Things that would make the new Animal Crossing game good!

    I enjoyed and still enjoy playing animal crossing on my gamecube, but there
    are things that could be done to make the new game better. In the new
    game you should be able to have other animal's in your town come over to your house, instead of always going to there's. Also your character should be able to eat food (poor guy/girl never ate anything back in the old game). If you have someone coming to your town to visit you should be able to see them, and the person coming ( if they have enough bells) should be able to purchase a house in your town. This way when you select a house (if they still do this) the other 3 houses wont just be sitting there collecting dust. The last thing I think they could improve are the game's graphics. I understand that the game is cartoony but the town and houses could look a bit better. Anyone else have any other ideas

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