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Thread: Pokemon MMo.

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    Pokemon MMo.

    I know alot of people have talked about Pokemon becoming a MMO. Personally at 19 I would play it seeing that I liked pokemon when I was younger. I talked to some friends and they said that Nintendo would not be able to make the transition from console to pc. I think they can now that they have online capabilities. I dont know but I think this game would do good seeing that you would have to catch them all and also fight in tournaments where they give you prizes like special previews to upcoming games and mabye an invitation to a Special Game Party or something like that. I dont know I am bored so I am talking out the booty hole. LOL. But talk. What do you think?

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    uhm okay, and you posted how many times? 3? O_o
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    First he wrote "alot" then came "alotof" I thought this would be "alotof things" and then another one "alotof things could" eventually leading to "alotof things could be cool about an online pokemon game."

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