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    Need Help in RedSteel, can someone tell me what to do.

    i'm in the creepy lvl with the talking bunnys, i'm at the part where i'm suppost to go up the hill in a chairlift thing, i've killed everyone in the area but i don't know how to get up the hill, can someone tell me what to do, can someone help me thanks,,

    thanks, red steel is an awesome game.
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    Go up the right of the Hill. Aviod the Bunnies so stay on the right. Then you carry on from there by Going up the steps. Also
    after you go up the steps. Carry on and go right (Going the way you came in at the start) to find some Ammo

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    Man... there are forums for Red Steel and Zelda yet people don't use them...
    Er... every 10 posts


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