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    I hate to post it again... well not really lol. Kid game i see? Every mom wants their child playing this game! There is also talks of Gta coming to the wii

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorgouge
    I agree with the OP that Wii needs more games like gears but i still have one and love it and wouldnt return it if i had the chance. And btw half the games on your list are complete ****ing garbage (red steel mainly) and even so its only a few games but w/e because i didn't buy a wii to play violent games like gears i bought it for the amazingness of metroid/mario/zelda etc

    True, but i never said they were good games. They just have violent themes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImageFX
    Here is "The Ryanator's)" problem. It would seem to me that he is of the younger generation and all he knows is games like Resident Evil, F.E.A.R, Silent Hill, etc. Whereas me, being 25, was around when the first NES came out and before then. Back then, a console was supposed to just be fun and if you were lucky, the game had bearable graphics.
    Good point here. I think the "fear" of being labeled a player that plays "kids" games is greater than the actual alleged dislike for games that don't involve bloodshed and excessive violence. All game types will come to all the consoles, but there was a definite "family" marketing strategy with the Wii launch window line-up. Hardcore shooters and violent games turn a lot of the target audience off...not because of the violence, but because Single Player shoot em up gritty games are really dull to a lot of the 40+ and generation. I think to go for the true range of ages Nintendo is shooting for they have to have a solid line-up of games like Rayman, Monkey Ball and Wii Sports that you can just pick and play for a while.

    I'll be going to back to Gears of War a lot for the Multiplayer, but once you beat a shooter like that, the replay value drops dramatically, and split screen multiplayer on games like that (when they even have it) seriously diminishes the fun factor because of the shrunken distorted screen size. Playing 4 player Red Steel is like trying play an FPS on a damned video IPOD, it's just not that fun...not to mention the "screen peak" factor that is inherint to all split screen 3D shooters.
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    pshhhh... yet another M rated game whore. but im not going to flame on yeh. if u think wii is childish, why not play it and see for yourself?

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