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    two player isnt as fun, even on a big screen tv...maybe its just me but it takes alot away from 1 player(like most 2 player racing games usually do)...but you may love it...and congrats on getting all S on super, i have 4 total and i have put some honest work into so far hehe

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    well the only games i have are zelda, trauma center, and wiisports (as do we all right?) well i would def recomend trauma center and zelda, Trauma center is an awsome game, and if you have played the GB version its almost the same. its not at all tough to play, the controlls work great and its a very addicting game. I love to get master ranks on all the surgeries. As for zelda, you definetly have to play if for at least a few hours to get the hang of it, the beginning starts with a lot of story line, now that im further into the game i like it alot more now. I def think that the beggining would have been much better if the characters had spoken the words rather than have me read it all, but it was still very interesting. Its definetly worth the buy.

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