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Thread: Sadness

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    Quote Originally Posted by NecroDemonNZXT
    I think he means to say the fact that in the trailer there are no in-game bits, just showing the way its played
    i have NO idea how its played but when i initially started this thread, i was implying that graphics wise and "movie quality" wise it looked awesome.

    as for playing the game itself? damned if i know what its gunna be like but soon enough we'll all find out wont we?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3mpathy
    lol its great how everyone can tell a prerendered trailer is going to make a great game...* rolls eyes*
    WTF Prerendered?
    IT'S REAL FREAKING PEOPLE! This game will be amazing. How do I know? The way that Nibris is telling us how much they are putting in the game. This isn't going to be one of those games from lazy developers...

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