This is for ever body who has a wiimote a n64 emulator and a mac and just a little bit of time on there hands ok first thing first u are going 2 need some software so if u have a bluethooth mac git darwiinremote the newest 1 it lets u configure your mouse setting then u will need sixityforce the newest 1 it lets u configure your setting so u git darwiinremote u run it should pic up the wii mote if not i dont no what 2 tell u well then u set your setting like this
up-up left-left right-right down-down a-backspace b-tab minus-pageup home-esc +-return then u run sixtyforce u set your settings like this a-delete b-tab up-up down-down left-left right-right
z-pageup l-a r-a star-return then dont wurry about the c's then u git a rom for instace super smash brothers u play with - button on your wii the a button and the b button and u move with the arrows and if u want 2 pause then press + if u want 2 quit press home hope this help i loved it fills like u are realy playing old N64 games with a wii mote lol i love it will free 2 post it on your web page but plx state it was not writen by u and was written by Troyrainy i will be putting up a video for the hole thing 2 preety much sum it down hope u enjoyed it as much as i did