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    I've been a big monkeyball fan since the first one on the cube. I myself was never that bothered by the one player on the cube titles but when I bought the wii version it seemed the single player was born to be like this! The controls just rule and make it way more fun than using a pair of analog sticks to control the board. Much better to feel like you are actually tilting the thing yourself.
    With regards to the mini games, I'm finding most of them a lot of fun especially when you get the hang of them.

    HOWEVER!!!!!!!!! What the bejesus is with monkey target!!! And no monkey fight!!!????? UNFORGIVABLE!!!!!!

    Still, a good game though!

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    I never played any monkey ball before that one, i was a ps player so...

    I rented it for a week. I really loved that, i liked the challenge of the story mode, the controls works fine. I liked the boss's also.

    I gotta say that the minigames are not pretty good... i really prefered the mini-games of rayman but i havent tryed them in multiplayer so...

    MonkeyBall is a good game if you want challenge for a week. I would only say rent it.
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