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    Wii Sports Golf Target Practice Highscores? Whats Yours?

    ok ive had a lil search and i couldnt see a highscore thread for golf in target practice mode

    im sorry if this has been posted before. but like i said above i have had a search for it and couldnt find anything.

    ok heres how it goes. only post your highest score with screenshot as proof in golf target practice. the one where u get scored points depending where u land in a target zone etc

    ive only played this one a few times but thoguht id see what everyone else scored to.
    my highest so far is 700 points for that.

    heres my screenshot, click to enlarge

    forgive me for the bad image as my cam is not exactly the best of the bunch lol

    whats your highest? and make sure to include a screeny

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