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Thread: Spiderman wii

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    ooooo sounds fun

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    also one prob i wnat spider man to keep the symbitie

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    i hope the controls don't feel tacked-on, 'cause they could really make it great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by doctorecs
    I dont realy think so because it would be extremely hard to control and please change your avatar because its realy creepy!
    Interesting. Based on what I have experienced so far, games like Zelda have felt more comfortable to control than normal.

    I am not saying I disagree with your obvious "everything will be a tacked on mini game" view point, just that a more positive approach would be Spiderman 2 (which I loved) with Zelda style controls. (ie buttons replaced with movements, as opposed to gesture based).

    This point of view is becomming more common, that certain games will not work with the Wiimote. Zelda shows us that the Wiimote can do conventional games extremely well, just by replacing a few buttons with wrist movements. Not every developer (though not many) are out to create mini game mania's of thier wii projects.

    Let's hope a few see the simplicity of certain control schemes.
    Next there will be a big hoopla about how the Wii isn't actually fun to play, as the funomoter2000 wasn't included in the hardware, Nintendo were lying to us this whole time and we weren't having 'real' fun it was all fake and tacky fun.
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    i think it could work, flick your wrists (alternating) in time to websling from left/right hand. holding down C puts you in first person mode, with a cursor, press B to shoot a web, when it hits you can either whip it back , or point the cursor somewhere else and hit a to shoot another web....

    if it worked like that, i think it would be cool... it would be very easy to adapt it to a wii game, but it depends on how commited they are to making it.

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