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    Seems real at first but ruins itself when it ses "NOT!" and stuff, plus when hes moving the gun it obviously isn't being controlled by a wii remote as its always pointing at the middle of the screen.

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    "Press Start to continue"

    an interesting video non the less, but, Master Chief is to Microsoft, as Mario is to Nintendo. You don't allow your main selling IP (or any others for that matter) to appear on the competitions machines. Metal Gear franchise is not owned by sony. And the PC is not an Xbox rival.

    Edit: Nice PC George :P but where is the CPU?
    Next there will be a big hoopla about how the Wii isn't actually fun to play, as the funomoter2000 wasn't included in the hardware, Nintendo were lying to us this whole time and we weren't having 'real' fun it was all fake and tacky fun.
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