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Thread: im new

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    im new

    I'm new so i don't know if this belongs here or if it is allowed so im asking if it is possible to start a game trading thread for people who like me have beaten games and find that trading or selling to friends to be more profitablle for both parties then store trade in s . Thanks for any direction you can put me in
    i'll put my wii number on in a bit but till then
    games owned : red steel, call of duty3 , dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 2, Legend of zelda twilight princess, Far cry vengeance, Trauma center secound opinion, Rapala fishing trophies

    will have by xmas : Super smash bros. brawl, Sadness, Metroid prime 3 , Bleach Wii , Wii play

    Virtual consoles : Wario's woods ( fun) , Super castlevania 4, super mario

    Gcube : to many to list in sig .

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