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    RedSteel Multi-missions

    Hi will someone please clear this up for me once and for all... on the multiplayer mode do you have to have 4 controllers to get more than that standard crappy mission... i was really exited to do the mission where the remote acts as a phone.. any help would be great..

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    Yeah, you need 4 remotes to play the mode where the Wii-mote acts as a phone. I really prefer the normal deathmatch and team deathmatch modes over that one though, but it's fun for a change of pace.

    To be honest, I think Red Steel's multiplayer is extremely lacking. There are only 4 levels, few different guns and it could use a huge makeover. That said, I have a ton of fun playing it and I can't wait until we see some multiplayer based FPS, for Wii of course, hit the market.

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    i like been play red steel nonstop, i gave it the Zelda game for awhile for red steel.

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    I additionly think the red steel multiplayer can use some additions. I would also like bots...me myself i have never played with 4 controllers. Yes i have 4 controllers but the most I ever used in red steel was 3. There is also a major bug in red steel multiplayer:
    Select resturant level
    Go up to the spot where the sniper is
    Hope on the boxes near the edge
    jump off

    I did this when trying to snipe from that ledge. I sadly fell off and once your down you don't come back up.

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