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Thread: Ninjas *spoiler

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    Ninjas *spoiler

    Im back at the dojo where there people try to steal the katana giri or some shit like that, and the ninja where you walk into the room and see that master guy keeps kicking my ass. after three tries i said just **** this and havent touched it in like a week. how do i beat the mother****er?
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    he beat me like 5 times too lol. just figure out his pattern. (i think it was weak, weak, weak, strong or weak, weak, strong) i forget

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    i kept on doing the little scorpion move (or whatever its called)

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    god damn these ninjas are too ****ing hard. it pisses me off that the game goes from like really easy to when u have to fight the white guy and then it gets frickin brutal. It took a bunch of times to beat that set of ninjas i finally just decided to do the hammer and break his sword. but the one movie where he takes the sword, that ninja ****ing pisses me off. i cnat hit him with the hmmer, and then when i get a chance the swords wont attack all they do is sit up and ready, (holding z) then dont do anything past then.

    ok what i did was i went arouind to the right side so he jumped out looking at me, then i backed up and went the other way by the entrance and unloaded a clip into his head... nothing. so i went to the left to that doorway thing and so he had to turn around and i fought him, every move was a hard attack, so i dodged and hit him down to half life. then he got one of his killer combos on me... but im not hurt... im invincible, well im still in the fight well see if it still stays on...
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