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    How to unlock trucks in Excite truck?

    So yeah.

    I've looked places, and found only how to unlock the "Crazy" truck.

    But, I've got two trucks left to unlock, and the only way I've found out to unlock, is to just race races, and win them.

    So I just do the quickest track over and over.

    And it worked.

    BUT, now it's coming to a halt. I've unlocked MANY paint jobs. I'm missing one paint job, and then the two from the locked ones.

    Any one know exactly how to unlock trucks?
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    just keep on wining, thats wut i do

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    Monster Truck = get all paint jobs for all trucks.
    Crazy Monster Truck = S rank in every race in the game.
    Every other truck is unlocked by getting a certain number of S ranks. I had every truck by the end of Super Excite, with all S ranks in Excite and Super Excite.

    For the record, I have every truck, and S rank in every track in the game now
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