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    Wii/DS Connectivity

    HOMG! How good would a fully featured Wii/DS card game be?
    The Wii's/TV screen would display the games table, and a dealer. Whilst the DS screens would show what cards were in the players hands. Voice recognition could also be used for usual calls such as 'sit', 'fold' 'hit me'. With the corresponding action showed on the TV screen.
    PLUS, the second screen on the DS could perhaps show how many chips you had left, and with touch screen recognition, organise them into piles etc. And then when betting rounds were to be had, you could simply collect the amount you wanted with the touch screen, push these chips forward, so that they appeared on the TV screen for everyone to see.
    *wets pants at thought*
    If another company doesnt carry this idea, I might just have to go and make my own gaming company... :P

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    good idea! love to kill people in poker. Especcialy if its mario poker, like on the mini games
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    i think the wii should get a DS channel that will opereate just like the GAMEBOY PLAYER for the gamecube. that way you can do gba and ds games on the big screen.

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