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    lol this is all comforting lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wii Believe
    hello guys, i am sorry if this has already been mentioned but i think this issue needs to be addressed

    i have been watchin endless 'red steel' footage and im just wondering. With the joypad everygame of a genre like FPS felt different because of the way the develpers tweacking the controls.

    dont get me wrong i love the Wii but it may be that becasue of the controls developers may be limited and everygame in a genre may feel the same.

    For example if a star wars lightsaber game comes out for Wii (please god it will), it may feel the same as the sword fighting in 'red steel' or 'zelda twilight princess'.

    I hope im wrong but it does seem to be perhaps the one real threat against the Wii.

    Thanks for reading
    Red Steel isn't really close to other FPSes.

    In Red Steel, you turn your Wii-mote sideways... your character turns it sideways. You don't have some huge assault rifle wailing on a group of army men, you have a simple pistol shooting guns out of the enemies hands.

    Although I see what you're saying, I think the Wii will have a variety of different kinds of shooters/sword fighters.

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    even if the controls feel the same, it will feel like a completely different expierence. like RS will feel different from LoZ because you will fight as link and for Star Wars, it will be different also because of the environments and you will be a jedi.
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