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    Good News for Sports Fans

    Looks like EASports is reving the engine:

    EA to Ramp up Nintendo Support

    February 1, 2007 - After reporting sales numbers for the third quarter at $1.28 (nearly identical to last year's numbers for the same quarter), EA chairman and CEO Larry Probst has released an official statement on EA's future, speaking specifically on the company's next-generation efforts:

    "We are pleased with the performance of our products on next-generation consoles. In the year ahead, we plan to build on our leadership position on both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, and to significantly increase our support for the Nintendo platforms."

    While this could be taken as classic crowd-pleasing jargon, it's important to note that EA's relationship with Nintendo has grown substantially over just the last few months, primarily because of the release of Wii. In just a matter of months, the company has helped Nintendo launch the system with Madden 07, and Need for Speed Carbon, and is already working to keep support continuing with the addition of SSX Blur, Tiger Woods 07, The Godfather: Blackhand Edition, and Medal of Honor Vanguard for just the first half of 2007 alone.

    To top things off, the CEO stated that EA already has 15 titles in development for Wii at this point. From the looks of it, Wii may be just what the doctor ordered for Nintendo sports fans.

    We'll have more on EA's Wii support as it develops, as well as new information on SSX Blur, Tiger Woods 07, The Godfather, and Medal of Honor as news breaks.
    Sounds great to me, I'm a huge sports fan, I can't wait for an NHL game to come out for the Wii, and it sounds like it will considering they are gonna have 15 games out.
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