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    Need help beating the ninja in the courtyard

    after defeating harry. im on MISSION 3-2: NIGHT OF THE KOMORIS the bit where you fight the ninja in the courtyard. finding him difficult, i know the trick where they do 3 basic moves and then one major move. and on the major move you are supposed to dodge him and then attack. but i cant seem to do it to him. any tips? i can explain further if you dont understand where i am.

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    I don't think there's anything particularly special about this fight.
    Some general fighting hints:
    Study him and learn what pattern he uses.
    If you're having trouble hitting him after dodging, then don't try. Wait until he does a minor attack, parry and then, assuming he's destabilized, attack back.
    Take it slowly. There's no hurry.
    Try to use some of the special skills that you should have learned in earlier visits to the dojo. They do a lot more damage.

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    ok well if you have body armour (sp) i have found a easy way to get through sword fights.

    as soon as your allowed to move do the usual perry/dodge and strike for a few turns.

    then keep doing your special moves, because you have the extra body protection there is little chance of dying, and you will eventually break his sword with the special moves.

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