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Thread: Manhunt 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiinerd13
    that game looks very gay why would they put that on the wii what is that any way
    1) No
    2) What?
    3) Its a Game

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    jowii i agree with you and E7ernal i agree with you too. i think if you actually feel like you are in the game and let hte game effect you emotionally then you are a hardcore gamer and i really agree with you E7ernal i play through great games more than once finding every little thing i can find i never skip a cut scene i can quote most of my great games. and after i get really good at one i start doing speed runs but with out skipping cut scenes cause that is part of the game and should be part of the run. but i think a hard core gamer i a person that is emersed ( sorry i know that is spelled wrong ) in videogames he or she gets every dollar they pay for their games out of them and they dont leave a good game unfinished.

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