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    yea when i get wii im getting Zelda but was wondering anyother game i should get (tough redstell but it had a weird review{in ign})

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    no thanks. i could not care less about home. its a very neat idea, but i didnt buy a video game system to enter a "virtual" world.

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    There are 600 other threads asking the same question look to some of them.

    Try Red Steel out before you buy it, if a friend doesn't have it then rent it or something. I had a lot of fun with it despite the shitty voice acting and a few other bugs. Excite truck was better IMO than NFS:C if you like racing. But Zelda and maybe one other should tie you over until some better stuff comes out in march. I mean, unless you sit for 60 hours and beat the whole game in one sitting. I actually haven't gotten a chance to play through Zelda (college makes me its bitch) but i played the first 5 or so hours over break and it was awesome

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