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Thread: Wii Wrestling

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    Wii Wrestling

    Okay, Ive got three questions:

    1) TNA Impact is coming to the Wii, if Im not mistaken. Can anyone varify this. Is there any news on it yet? A general release date, any specs whatsoever?

    2) Is Nintendo planning on a DoR3 (for those who dont know Day of Reckoning 1/2 was a fairly good wrestling franchise that was on the Gamecube) or are they done with this series and starting a new WWE franchise for the Wii?

    3) If Im not mistaken, Xbox 360 picked up on the SD vs Raw series (wwe wrestling game that was formerly a playstation exclusive) because sony did little to keep most of its exclusive titles (microsoft and nintendo both got many new titles). So, I was wondering, does anyone know why Nintendo chose not to pick up on this GREAT title? Do they somehow think that the DoR series (or a newer series that they will be starting on the Wii) is better? Dont get me wrong, DoR was a great game, but if youve ever played SDvR you know that it is ATLEAST 10x better than DoR. Is it because SDvR 07 came out before the Wii? Couldnt they have made it a launch title or picked up on SDvR 08?

    Thanks for the help.

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    search for TNA in this forum. I can't be bothered. There is a trailer for TNA on the Wii.
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