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    Completely stuck in Red Steel

    Hello everyone, i just cant get past this but in red steel; i must be missing something

    Find Tetsuo Misunu, the Games District Boss

    Current Objective:
    Fubd Tetsuo's Office Above the Pachinko Hall

    It's at the start of the level where you enter the Pachinko Hall and there is a big robotic bunny rabbit at the entrance. You go down the hall and there are poker machines with a lot of enemies with shotguns

    My problem is I have no weapons. There is an uzi resting on top of some boxes in a room that I can get to if I run quickly through the shots, but I cannot pick it up!

    Is this a bug in the game, or am I supposed to do something? I read a walkthrough but it didnt mention anything other than "go down hallways and kill enemies" as though it is just as easy as that, which makes me wonder if I am supposed to be armed.

    ANy help greatly appreciated
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    Try pressing left on the D-Pad. It should bring out a weapon. If left doesn't work, press right. Or down. Or even up. I'm sure that's how I did it, 'cause I came across the same problem you have. Of course, I encountered another problem later in the game, but that's a whole other issue....

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